About Brenda

 My Education and Training:

I have a Master’s in Psychology from The Michigan School of Professional Psychology in Farmington Hills, MI (formerly The Center for Humanistic Studies in Detroit, MI). I am certified in Hypnotherapy from the Clinical Hypnotherapy Institute in Warren, Michigan. I have a certification in Emotional Freedom Technique with Patricia Carrington and have studied with Gary Craig, the founder.

I have been doing psychotherapy since 1999 and I find EFT and hypnotherapy even more powerful than talk therapy. Where talk therapy facilitates insight, these techniques facilitate healing. I find combining these modalities gives spectacular results.

 How I work:

My mission is to guide you to love yourself and to live a life filled with meaning, love and joy. My style is empathetic, warm and compassionate.

My approach is collaborative, tailored to your specific needs and goals. I can gently help clients to move out of their comfort zone and risk the change required for growth. I encourage you to expand and take manageable steps to reach your goals.

Depending on your unique needs, there are a variety of different therapeutic techniques you will find helpful. You and I will decide together which method to use.

EFT addresses your body's energy system and is very effective with trauma, cravings, depression and anxiety and in breaking patterns that keep you stuck.

Hypnotherapy helps calm the body and helps you to access memories that may not be conscious.

Art, Music and journaling therapy access the right brain and bring new insights. Accessing the Wise Mind helps you to trust yourself and your intuition.

With all the techniques you will understand the difficulties you are experiencing actually make sense given what has happened in your past. The good news is that you discover that the past does not have to have power over you and you can move forward to live a joy-filled life.

 The Healing Journey:

This is what can be expected in a coaching or therapy session.

1. Gain Clarity:

Together we look at what is troubling you. We uncover how your past has impacted your present thoughts, actions and behaviors. Art Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, journaling and hypnotherapy are very helpful in this stage.

2. Release

Using the modality that is best for you, we help you to release the hold that the past has on you. EFT, hypnotherapy and journaling are especially good tools to help let go of past baggage.

3. Transform

You will learn to transform your past suffering into love for yourself and others, peace and wisdom. A special journal process will help you to work towards this.

4. Daily Upkeep

Together we will form a plan that will help you to live a life of peace and joy. Affirmations, guided imagery, accessing your Wise Mind and morning and evening rituals will help you to thrive.

Our work together can take anywhere from a few sessions to a few months depending on your problems and needs. Some people check in every so often as challenges arise in their lives.



The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.
- Benjamin Disraeli
Brenda Strausz, MA, LLP


Brenda, thank you, thank you, for working with me these past months. You have taught me how to handle the issues in my life by not only listening but teaching me powerful tools like EFT and affirmations. My life is so much better because of you. My family and friends are very grateful for you also. -J. M.


Brenda has led me an amazing journey back to myself. Without her guidance, support and wisdom, I would be lost. I have never felt so safe with a person.- JA


Brenda changed my life. She not only listened empathetically, but provided so many tools for self-growth and self-actualization. I benefited immensely from our EFT sessions and use them all the time. I have also taught EFT to my family and friends. They are all amazed at the changes in me! Thank you Brenda for your devotion to what you do. -MT


When I first came to Brenda, I was lost. Through Brenda's guidance I learned to love myself and put myself first. Without Brenda there would be no me. I learned to come clean, let go of the past and go forward. Yay, I did it!!! -GB



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